Employee Birthday Event Report - Theme "Company Grows with You"


Flying eagle lighting collective birthday parties but to, at this moment, companies inside and outside the room with warmth and laughter.

And blessing the harvest, a young happy smiling faces fixed in memory.

Night 6 Half room already is decorated by colorful balloons happy, birthday then arrived, people have left their names on the birth announcements. Birthday party started activities hosted by the leadership, his humorous, meeting continuous applause. Then everyone's self introduction part, we in turn introduced his character, hobbies and birthday speech. One of the birthday girl said: "a lot of birthday parties, turn to your birthday, remains particularly touched, thank the company an elaborate birthday party, Thanksgiving to join the flying eagle, flying eagle man.

Birthday birthday party for each sending elaborate gift, to declare. Subsequently, the audience sang happy birthday, birthday cake, make a wish, blow out the candles, the birthday party atmosphere to a climax. Finally we choral song of the flying Eagles, a brilliant smile, a sincere wish, sentence words of Thanksgiving, birthday party, every "fly Eagle man" with different moving!

"People-oriented" is the core competitiveness of a modern enterprise culture, good firms should have a rich, profound corporate culture. Combining the scientific and humanistic work is an important part of corporate culture. Flying Eagles hold monthly birthday parties is a kind of embodies company humanistic care initiatives, I believe that through this meaningful activity, we are a group of energetic people, we are a group of different people, we are a group of people who love each other! Let us work together, live together, can make a "flying eagle man" is able to feel affectionate care, feel the warmth and happiness of this group.

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