Light up lanterns of happiness for thousands of households.


To be the first choice of energy conservation and environment protection for households around the world.

Brand core value

Building water and power system integrator.

Strategic target

Building water and power system innovator, surpassing the peak and racing to the top.


Quality oriented, customer first

Business philosophy

Seeking “best” instead of “largest”. Be farsighted and prudent in taking actions and making decisions.

Management philosophy

Pursuing excellence and striving for perfection.

Teamwork spirit

Five Together: Work together, study together, share happiness together, share worries together and grow together.

Working credendum

To be diligent, frugal, honest, plain and fast.


My house loves Feidiao

A modern house loves Feidiao

An energy-saving house loves Feidiao

A safe house loves Feidiao

An intelligent house loves Feidiao

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